ANZSOG values the contributions and perspectives of the amazing and extensive ANZSOG alumni network! There is so much to celebrate in what you do in your public sector work as well as your generous sharing of expertise and insight through the work and play of the ANZSOG community.

As you will see, we are refreshing and re-energising ANZSOG to position it more than ever as a thought leader, promoting excellence in public policy and management across Australia and New Zealand.

We think alumni are central to this vision. We are highlighting our activities and new ideas but also inviting you to actively participate in a variety of ways to keep ANZSOG content, pedagogy and networking at the cutting edge of practice and theory. We will be seeking your input through qualitative and quantitative research in March and April, so some of you can expect to hear from us again shortly!

We look forward to working with you even more closely and welcome your ideas and contributions so we can spread the word on what you are doing and how we can all improve in delivering public value to our communities and across the public sector.


Catherine Althaus
Associate Dean (Academic)
The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)