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Magda Tebbutt

Deputy Director, Education




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Magda Tebbutt is ANZSOG’s Deputy Director, Education. A qualified teacher, she has over a decade of experience leading high performance teams within a service-oriented Higher Education partnership model.

She has managed, lead, and advised major strategic projects including international and commercial partnerships opportunities.

Prior to joining ANZSOG Magda was the Director of Studies (ELICOS) at Swinburne College and served on the board of University English Centres Australia (UECA). In her time at Swinburne, she was responsible for resources management for programs, ensuring that legislative and accreditation requirements were in place and the courses aligned with the university’s strategic objectives. She oversaw curriculum development, redesign, and major academic structure reviews including preparing reports for the Board of Directors, Academic Senate, TEQSA and other stakeholders based on data sourced from academic performance, retention, progression, and satisfaction surveys.

Magda has established and maintained commercial and academic partnerships with Pearson Education and both international and Australian universities. Throughout her career, she ensures high quality client-aligned programs based on the latest pedagogy, strategic goals, and measurable evidence.