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Dr Lachlan McKenzie

Deputy Director


Government Relations

Faculty: Expert contributors


Lachlan McKenzie

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Lachlan McKenzie is Deputy Director, Government Relations at ANZSOG. Dr McKenzie works collaboratively with public sector partners across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to design educational experiences that meet the specific needs of jurisdictions, agencies and their staff. He undertakes research on a range of areas including Indigenous affairs and public administration, theories of policy implementation and public-sector leadership.

Dr McKenzie has worked in higher education policy at the Office of the Chancellery at the University of Melbourne and completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2016. He has taught extensively into the University of Melbourne’s Masters of International Relations programme. His research interests include governmental decision-making, European integration and public policy.

Dr McKenzie has also published in the areas of European Union-Australian relations, trade policy-making, and norms in foreign policy. In 2013, he studied as part of a postgraduate fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence. He has sat on the editorial boards of the Contemporary European Studies Association of Australia journal and the Melbourne Journal of Politics. Lachlan’s PhD explored the EU’s public policy, and the promotion of foreign policy interests through trade negotiations.


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