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Dr Rhys Bollen

Senior Executive Leader

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Digital Assets, Markets Group

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Rhys leads ASIC’s Digital Assets team within the Markets group. He leads the team overseeing crypto and digital assets firms, including preparing for the Government’s proposed law reform in this area. He is also responsible for ASIC’s broader work on digital finance and tokenisation.

His previous roles at ASIC include Senior Executive Leader of the Market Supervision team, Credit, Banking and General Insurance team, the Insurers team and the Investment Managers team. Rhys has also held senior leadership roles at ASIC in the areas of international strategy, consumer protection, and strategic policy.

Rhys has more than 20 years’ experience as a regulator, academic and public policy practitioner. Before joining ASIC, he was an Executive Director at the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority, and Assistant Commissioner for Policy and Strategy at NSW Fair Trading. He has also worked in private legal practice. Rhys has a PhD in financial services regulation and Masters degrees in both law and business.