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Arjen Boin

Professor of Public Institutions and Governance

Institute of Political Science, Leiden University

Faculty: Expert contributors


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Arjen Boin is a Professor of Public Institutions and Governance at the Institute of Political Science, Leiden University. He is a managing partner at Crisisplan BV, an international crisis management consultancy in Leiden. Before he moved to Leiden, he was a professor of public governance and crisis management at the Utrecht School of Governance and associate professor at the Public Administration Institute, Louisiana State University.

Arjen has published widely on topics of crisis and disaster management, leadership, institutional design and organizational issues. His most recent book, Managing Hurricane Katrina (Louisiana State University Press, 2019), investigates the lessons that should be learned from this mega-disaster. His other books include The Politics of Crisis Management (Cambridge University Press, winner of APSA’s Herbert A. Simon book award), Governing after Crisis (Cambridge UP, 2008), Designing Resilience (Pittsburgh UP, 2010), MegaCrises (Charles C Thomas, 2012) and The EU as Crisis Manager: Patterns and Prospects (Cambridge UP, 2013).